Severe Economic Downfall During The Great Depression

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The severe economic downfall during the period from 1929 to 1941 is known as The Great Depression. The stock market crashed and millions of people lost their jobs and ended up homeless. It was one of the most terrifying eras in the US’ history. Industry and agriculture were both major causes of the Depression. Many things were replaced due to the fact of development of the technology. For example, railroads lose to automobiles and coal loses to hydro elective , natural gas, and oil. Also, fewer houses are built because almost all of the industries were declining, so businesses also declined since there was no one to built houses. Furthermore, businesses who relied on or were related to those industries were also dragged down, such as wood companies, furniture factories, and real estates. This was the same for railroads and coal as well. Another significant cause was the decline of the agriculture. Farms over-produced during World War I in order to feed Europe, and corn and wheat tool out loans. Farms cut down trees to try to extend their land to produce more crops. However, since there were no more trees, the soil got loose and became easily picked up by the strong winds. This created huge dust storms, which also had nothing to stop it, and became known as The Dust Bowl. After the war, the crops declined 40% and the prices dropped as farms produced more. These unfortunate cycles lead to the depression. The president at the time was Herbert Clark Hoover, who was elected in
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