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Sex Addiction Addiction, a compulsive psychological need for a habit-forming substance according to an online dictionary (p). In this instance, the substance is sex or masturbation. A sex addict needs progressively more and more explicit pornographic material in order to become aroused. Their behavior becomes centered on different sexual experiences and the desire to attain them. The person cannot control their sexual appetites resulting in severe consequences for themselves and others. Sex addiction is a lifelong problem that needs to be contained in order to avoid continued complications. Shame, secretiveness, and abusiveness in a person accompany the addiction. Treatment is available in different forms; however, because this…show more content…
A more commonly known approach towards diagnosing the addiction explores childhood experiences. Many affected people were subject to sexual abuse from a parent, baby-sitter, or another older person when they were younger. This inappropriate introduction induces feelings of shame and fear that surround sexual activities for these people (4). A chaotic, hostile, or neglectful household can also be a factor driving a person towards sex addiction. The person will use sex or masturbation for comfort and will equate the two with each other. These arguments suggest a nurture aspect to the problem because it arises as a response to their environment. Outside forces act to develop the people into addicts. Childhood is an extremely impressionable period and in the circumstances the dangerous forces push a child towards harmful behaviors. Sex addiction becomes an overriding power in a person's life and takes it out of their control. Their behavior deviates from the norm, but in such a way that it is unnoticeable by relatives or loved ones because it is so secretive. Typical actions of a sex addict include: compulsive masturbation, multiple affairs outside of a marriage, consistent use of pornography, practice of unsafe sex, sexual anorexia, multiple anonymous partners, phone or cybersex, sexual massages, escorts, prostitutes, and prostitution (2). There are also manifestations within the act of sex itself

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