Sex, Adultery, and Rocky in Rocky Horror Picture Show

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Even with its age Rocky Horror Picture Show still portrays fornication, infidelity, and fitting in. People are usually drawn in by a family connection and their thirst for curiosity conveyed up by the name of the show alone. Majority of people who attend the shows find themselves in a place where they feel that they belong. People who normally get called “freaks” go see Rocky because it is a place where they are no longer considered such heinous things. The people who attend the show have a specific personality about them that is admired at every show. When you attend RHPS you come across other people whom similar to you, different. This helps to build companionships and ties between the one another. It also constructs a family atmosphere in the theater that stays with you forever. During every show there is random number of “virgins”, or first timers, that are to be sacrificed. These sacrifices are all in fun and are seen as a way of passage into the Rocky community. Usually first timers sacrifice is long, painless, and completely hilarious. In fact it would not be half as fun if you did not bring along some people to enjoy the show with you. Soon as the show started three people where chosen to be sacrificed. Out of the three of them only one was a male and they made him act as if he were a chair. The two that were left were put inside a poorly painted black box at one end of the stage while the cast made a toast to the start of the show. The purpose of being “sacrificed

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