Sex And Age Disparity Among Teenagers

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Sex and Age Disparity in Teenage Exposure to Secondhand Smoke Anthony Kiprono PH 5302 04/30/2016

Second hand smoke is defined as the combination of smoke emitted by the burning end of cigarette or any other tobacco products and smoke emitted by the smoker. Individuals can be victims of secondhand smoke in various ways and places inkling the safety of being at home, vehicle, workplaces, parks and various public places. According to Jonathan, smoke contains over 200 poisonous gases, chemicals and metals in its smoke. Numerous public health research indicates that tobacco smoke causes cancer and cardiac diseases to non-smokers. According to the 2006 US Surgeon report, there is no safe level of exposure as far as secondhand smoking is a concern and on average in populations children are more exposed to secondhand smoking than in adults. Despite the level of exposure being on the decline between the years 1988-1994 and 1999-2004, children were still in the subgroup with the least level of decline as compared to other subgroups. This is a cause for concern and a reason for disparagement.
The data for this research was obtained from a Korean Youth Risk Web Survey of 2013 from 64,449 teenagers aged between the ages 13 and 18 years old. The data was analyzed using multiple regression method. According to Hwang, secondhand smoking presents young adults as vulnerable in the population. Among the genders, it was observed that girls were exposed more times,…
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