Sex And Gender : Today 's Society

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Sex and gender are words presented in very controversial topics surrounding the media in today’s society. But how do we know which in which environment to use the different terms? To what extent do you differentiate sex and gender? Until recent years gender and sex were used in the same context. Sex as defined by the dictionary is: “either of the two forms of individuals that occurs in many species and that are distinguished respectively as female or male especially on the basis of their reproductive organs structures”. Gender, on the other hand is defined as: “the behavioral, cultural, or psychological traits with one sex”. From defining these terms, the sex vs. gender debate is about one’s relationship with nature and nurture in…show more content…
An article in the Ms. Blog, titled Portland Oregon to Requite Gender Neutral Bathrooms, states that Multnomah County is becoming one of the first to require gender-neutral restrooms in all future projects in the county (Abadi 2013, p.2). This paradigm case is an example of the importance in defining sex and gender and how to differentiate them from one another. From an outsiders approach, we can argue our thoughts and opinions strictly based on facts, not personal experience. The media has the biggest impact on our opinion in today’s society. Due to the fact that news is being produced instantly, but it can also be accessible at any time of the day and can be received instantly, which makes it easier to persuade the minds of the media’s audience. In How Changeable is Gender Friedman writes, “Thanks to Caitlyn Jenner… transgender people are gaining acceptance and a more understanding spotlight” (Friedman 2015, p.1). This statement about the spotlight is referring to media speciation. Society as a whole has created stereotypes on what they believe gender is. A girl is expected to play with dolls, have long hair, and other expectations that as a society we view as feminine traits. A boy is expected to like to play in the dirt, have short hair, and be athletic. By placing these stereotypes on a specific sex, male or female, you then doubt your sex if you do not carry these qualities or interests. This is
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