Sex And The City: Post Analysis

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I selected this post as one of my two best posts to submit, as the discussion topic was solemnly opinion-based. I was able to express my perspective and experience in order to help support my argument, such as my friendship experience and my first experience watching Sex and the City. I have also selected this post as one of my best posts because, as I have explained under Adriana’s post, “the main objective of [the] media is to alter the perspectives of individuals in order to promote consumerism… It is becoming more and more of an issue, especially in teens and pre-teens, where they struggle to live up to the standards that they see in the media, causing them to be a product of the media.”
My post made a difference in the discussion due to incorporating my personal experience into my response. The expectations that society has on the female friendships is partially subjective to the false, and stereotypical, impressions portrayed on television. From my personal experience, as stated in my post, my friendships are not the stereotypical female friendship consisting of neither sleepovers, boy talks, drama or emotional situations. My friends and I do perform in activities that others would not deem as a “gender norm” for females. This gives the impression that others take after the expectations presented in the media and integrate those desires into the friendships they have. My post adds on to the ongoing discussion as I have a mutual agreement with the
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Modern-day media tends to portray false impressions or images of what they believe resembles something “realistic,” especially in female friendships. Female friendships usually are broadcasted as stereotypical, however, is still desired by female viewers because of its “picture-perfect,” and everyone wants a perfect
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