Sex And Violence In The Media Influence Teen Behavior.

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Sex and Violence in the Media Influence Teen Behavior In the 21st Century Sex and Violence in the media has had a good and bad impact on our society. It is very common around the world that many kids are exposed to violence or some type of sexual activity rather in household or in the media. The media has become a common reason as to why violence occur. Teenagers in the 21st century are exposed to more sexuality and violence than ever. Being exposed to sex and violence has had a bad impact on teens because what they see in the media sometimes have an effect on their behavior. The media plays a huge role in the lives of many teens in everyday life. The amount of violence that the media exposes young teens too has caused controversy and has…show more content…
The media gets paid for what they do whether it’s broadcasting negative news or positive news. If the parent cannot monitor what the child consumes, they should be able to explain to the child why certain things are done and said. As children continue to grow and become teenagers, in some cases there comes more attitude and disobedience. Becoming a teenager is a huge transition because you are beginning to notice things about yourself and others. With growing there comes curiosity and television shows and the media can definitely have a negative influence on them. Sometimes you can hear teenagers say ‘I saw that on tv’ or the internet and because they see others trying it, they are influenced to do it as well. This can be drugs, sex or anything that these teenagers see. Without that conversation to teach these teenagers to be smart and make good choices, they will continue these things which can in the end affect them. Ferguson wrote in his article that video games can alter one’s thought process. If a teenager is constantly consuming games and not interacting with people his age, he is not growing or expanding his communication skills (2013). By being stuck to the television playing games all the time, this can create the mindset that the life is a game and it should be played as well. For example, Ferguson used another article from Adam Lanza’s shooting rampage and explained how real this
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