Sex Appeal: an Effective Tool for Advertising

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Sex Appeal: an effective tool for Advertising Introduction Advertising, the business of drawing public attention to goods and services (, in today's competitive market, is often assisted by sex appeal. Likewise, an attribute of sex in advertising is that imagery used typically may have no connection to the product being advertised. However, the purpose of such imageries is to solely drag the attention of the potential customer or user. Sex appeal in advertising is often considered as one of the effective tools for attracting consumers' attention and has become more and more important to some advertisers for the same reason. Discussion From different studies on the history of advertising it is found that Sex has been…show more content…
The intended meaning "luxury" doesn't sufficiently connect with sex appeal here. • Moreover, Che, a man's magazine has used a poster that has tried to generate sex appeal and in fact seems successful in attracting men too. This has used more creativity. The poster fits to the waist down part of a female (receptionist or shopkeeper). The message carried by it is closely associated to the nature of the product. The ad seems simple and effective. • Fifth, this ad is more effective and appealing. Though there is nudity, it is symbolic. The imagery has used more creativity and thus associates the product with the sex appeal and makes the intended message more meaningful. • Next, the ad has used higher degree of sex appeal. Due to nudity and appealing imagery it seems successful enough to attract consumers but the other aspects of the ad like message, nature of product and creativity seem unable to connect with each other. The ad advocates more for brand recognition rather than the product being advertized. • Seventh, this ad too seems appealing and effective in attracting customers. The product and imagery are interconnected with the message intended by the ad. Though it has used less nudity, it is an effective ad. • Finally, this ad is appealing too. It catches sufficient attention of the passers by because it has an image of nude woman sleeping with her half back portion shown. The message written in it tries to connect with the nature of product. But less creativity

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