Sex Before Marriage By William Shakespeare

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honeymoon. Those who cannot pay for the operation cost of $700 can walk into a sex shop to buy an inexpensive artificial hymen that releases artificial blood when punctured. Hence, in countries such as Indonesia, China, and India, chastity still holds as an important treasure before marriage.
The relevance of chastity ties back to Shakespeare’s reflection of his own beliefs about sex before marriage. Prospero makes it explicitly clear to Ferdinand, “If thou doest break her virgin-knot before all sanctimonious ceremonies may with full and holy rite be ministered no sweet aspersion shall the heavens let fall to make this contract grow; barren hate sour-eyed disdain, and discord, shall bestrew the union of your bed with weeds so loath that you shall hate it both” (4.1.16-23). Prospero threatens Ferdinand to make a vow that he would not deflower Miranda before their marriage. In addition, Prospero mentions that sex before marriage will poison the lovers’ marriage, thus they will both grow to hate it. Shakespeare uses the phrase “bed with weeds” instead of the well known phrase “bed with roses” to indicate that nothing good can come from sexual intercourse before marriage. Weeds are unwanted and disliked by any gardener, whereas roses are beautiful and symbolizes purity. Therefore, through this dialogue, it is reveal that during Shakespearean times, people disapprove of the idea of a child out of wedlock. It is also important to mention that when Ferdinand first met Miranda, he
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