Sex Crimes And Its Effects On Society

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When talking about sex crimes the public goes in an uproar because it’s an emotional topic and can have a critical effect on any person. Sex offenses are nothing new and have been happing for years, but because everything is so mainstream now the public is more informed. Sex offenses are so against society’s norms that offenders are seen as the worst of the worst, but are also feared the most because offenders come in all shapes in sizes. Initially, sex crime offenders were understood to be a stranger committing the offense towards his victim in an unannounced place or time. Only recently there is a better understanding of the offender, someone being related or a close friend of the person. Offenders also can interact with potential victims from the comfort of their own home which makes minors more susceptible to becoming victims. When cases like these happen it hits home to the public because family, friends, and neighbors are the ones who are supposed to be trusted. Cases that have come out to the public usually are the more horrific ones that gain all the media attention, which causes legislation to be made. Decapitated bodies, murders, kidnappings, all associated with sexual assault are the ones that make headlining news. Cases also draw more attention when the victim is a minor. Minors are more unsure and naïve and seen as innocent in the eyes of the public. So when cases come to light about a minor being sexually assaulted and then murdered, coverage goes nationwide
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