Sex Crimes: Can Sex Offenders Be Rehabilitated?

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Sex Crimes - Can Sex Offenders be rehabilitated? Table of Contents Introduction to Sex Crimes 3 Literature Review 5 Origin of the Behavior of Sex Offenders 6 Can Sex Offenders be rehabilitated? 8 Controversial Arguments 11 Conclusion 14 References 16 Introduction to Sex Crimes Since the world has penetrated into the epoch of twenty first century, it has experienced gargantuan changes in almost every sphere of life whether it is social, economic, political, technological, environmental or cultural aspects and has also manipulated the human existence to a great deal. Besides, these advancements have made the entire populace of the world enter into the age of industrial revolution that is satiated with technological and scientific advancements and innovations. However, social issues at the same time have been witnessed to grow at an accelerated pace in this epoch of evolution and colossal progression (Selfe & Burke, 2001). Taking into account the social issues and crimes that are being universally committed includes the distasteful and unpleasant actions and activities such as sex crimes, torture, violence, extortion, robbery, blackmail, physical destruction, murder and various others. Crime, indeed, sex crime has come under consideration as an escalating social dilemma that is not rising in specific nations but entire world is experiencing this grave issue on a broad spectrum. In addition, sex crime, which has turned out to be growing concern on a
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