Sex Discrimination Law Suit Against Walmart

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Overview of the issue Can a class be made up of more than one million women under a single employer all over the United States? In 2001 female employees at Walmart filed a class action sex discrimination law suit against Walmart stores in the district court of Columbia. The case talks about discrimination going on in the workplace a group of woman who were discriminated by their gender. Betty Dukes and five other woman were being discriminated they were under paid and denied advancement opportunities. The allegation were that the company’s policy resulted in worldwide discrimination. Walmart was promoting more men than woman this is against EEO policies and it’s called the glass ceiling. In 2001 1.5 million female workers sued Walmart for sex discrimination. The US Supreme Court didn’t like the female workers to sue all at once so the court ask for them to do it individually or in to groups. (Bloomberg Law, .2011.)

Timeline of the issue
1. In January 2001 the case was filed by employees from northern California
2. In 2004 the sued became a class action lawsuit.
3. Two states didn’t had a class action lawsuit and it was the largest class action law suit in history
4. In March 29,2011 the supreme court agrees to hear the case
5. In June 20,2011 the supreme court ruled the decision

What impacted Walmart? A good way that Walmart was impacted is by the company 's related to managing money position and through the transaction of sales. Since major part of

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