Sex Drive Reducing Drugs Essay

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5. There are many types of treatment offered to help combat sexual tension within sexual offenders. One of the more important and frequently court mandated treatment is the use of sex-drive reducing drugs. This treatment is offered with the hopes of preventing minor attracted adults from offending or re-offending. Another goal of this treatment is to effectively change sexual arousal patterns in each individual offender through behavior conditions. The use of these drugs is almost always court mandated and some people view the use of these drugs as invasive (Langevin 1983). One of the more commonly used drugs is estrogen and testosterone. By administering estrogen it causes and increases feminization within the male and also leads to the possible irreversible damage to the gonads. Another…show more content…
Aversive stimuli often includes vomit and paralysis-inducing substances, electric shock and odor producing substances like ammonia (Maletzky 1991). There are two variations of this technique. The first is called covert sensitization, which is a safer option that has been used. This technique involves the imagination of the stimuli’s versus actually experiencing them (Maletzsky). The other variation is called shame aversion therapy which involves the patient being forced into public humiliation to coincide with his/her deviant behavior (Langevin 1983). This has only been tested in uncontrolled studies and there was nothing consistent (Langevin 1983). There are three other methods that are used frequently, especially when offenders don’t take to the first two that were mentioned. The first is called masturbatory satiation, in which the goal is to reduce negative sexual attraction by pairing it with boredom. The patient is actually told to masturbate for up to an hour, while talking outload about his fantasy, and must continue even after an orgasm. The second method is called orgasmic reconditioning. This method involves the transfer of deviant arousal towards a normal
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