Sex Ed By Anna Quindelen Essay

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In her essay “Sex Ed”, Anna Quindelen, a New York Times Columnist, journalist, and novelist, describes why teens should be taught sexual education by family members and loved ones rather than by teachers (Quindelen 183). In the essay, the author states that girls know the anatomy of a female’s reproductive system, and can tell the beginning and end of the ovarian cycles but can still end up pregnant. Knowledge isn’t always the right way to getting a point across. Desensitizing teens to important information can often be the demise of what we are trying to teach. The author also states that teenagers do not have a tendency to think ahead the future repercussions of sex, they are too focused on what is happening in the heat of the moment that they do not think about pregnancy, or are to uneducated about the subject to know to be cautious. By teaching ones own children there are no misconceptions about what the parent wants them to know, versus what someone else wishes for them to know or to be taught. Teenagers also see virginity as a bad thing, often ostracized and ridiculed by their peers for staying abstinent unlike their sexually active friends.
Sexual education, as stated by the author, needs to be taught at home rather than at school because most teenagers don’t care about the why’s or how’s of sexual education. Since it is a subject that must be taught objectively and emotionlessly as possible, like in economics most students with become either bored and not pay
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