Sex Ed in Middle School

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Sex Education Should be Taught in Middle School Starting sex education at a younger age is a sensitive issue. Our society becomes more and more liberal about sexual issues of the younger generations, but sex education in middle schools or from their parents are still the same as it was in the past, giving superficial information to students. Most teachers or parents are not prepared to let their students informed about contraception, because most of them think that students are very naive and they are too young to have sex, which is not true. The fast flow of communication in modern society made the students to be very curious about sex to make them want to carry out, and also the social atmosphere is getting less rigid about their acting…show more content…
Therefore, allowing children to learn more about the sex may discourage them from having sex because of physical and emotional distress in their life or make them more cautious about with whom and how they have sex. Children do not have enough knowledge on the subject such as an undesired pregnancy and danger of abortion. if children do not have the right education on sex, this will result in boys becoming responsible for girls getting pregnant and girls becoming responsible for taking care of themselves during pregnancy or choosing an abortion. According to Teen Pregnancy Statistics, about 50,000 teens who are 18 and 19 year olds get pregnant each year. Teenage abortion statistics is strongly connected to teen pregnancy rates, because teens are facing an unwanted pregnancy, which is from a lack of sexual education (“Teens Abortion Statistics”). Linda Lowen, Women’s Issues reporter, mentions that most teen mothers are negatively impacted by the birth of a baby unlike teens who choose abortion; teen mothers’ educational plans are interrupted, which subsequently limits their future earning potential and put them at risk of raising their child in poverty(“Why Teens Choose Abortion”). Birth of a baby at a young age will change their life. Many teens obtain an abortion because of their successful
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