Sex Education: Determining Teenage Lives Essay

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A parent’s main concern has always been --and always will be--what is best for their child. Parents attempt to raise their children so that they can learn to make the best possible decisions in any given situation. However, is blatantly avoiding the topic of sex, simply because it may be awkward, the best choice that parents’ make for their children? The controversial issue of sex education in public schools has been a main concern in communities throughout the United States. There has been increasingly more discussion about sexual education programs and whether or not they should be included in the school’s curriculum. The truth is, if sex education is avoided in schools, teenagers—many of whom already lack expertise in the sexual…show more content…
There is more than just the chance of getting pregnant that can be taught in schools though. Sexual health education would be used to not only teach teenagers about the possibility of getting pregnant, but it would also delve into the numerous changes that occur after a pregnancy and the years that follow. Having in depth discussion will prevent the chances of pregnancy by informing teens about more than just a generic explanation on early pregnancy. Teenagers who get pregnant must endure more than the new responsibility of caring for their child, for they must also struggle with keeping up their schoolwork, jobs –if they happen to have one- and financial responsibilities. Ranging from the ages of 15 to 19, teenagers are less likely to be independent of their parents and are still attending school. However, after having a child, many changes occur to the teenagers’ life that affects their priorities. For example, after having children, teenagers become more prone to dropping out of school and also have difficulty acquiring a diploma. Because teens are forced to enter a life of adult responsibilities, they must sacrifice their opportunity of education and their chance at a “normal” teenage life. Sacrificing school makes it more difficult for the teen mother to support herself as well as her child, causing an increase in poverty for these unfortunate children. The statistic of teen pregnancy
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