Sex Education Is An Important, Emotional And Controversial

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Sex education is an important, emotional and controversial topic to teach youth in today’s world. The question is, what is the best information, and the best way to teach them? Comprehensive sex education is teaching teens how to practice safe sex, providing teens with types of protection, and how to use it, as well as services and resources available to help them in making decisions to practice safe sex. Abstinence-only programs teach teens to not have sex, or anything “arousing” until marriage, and the real world fear of contracting STDs.

Claims, Assumptions, and Support (Melissa)
Abstinence versus Comprehensive Sex education seems to be the same arguments as over the past twenty years. On one side of the argument are the supporters
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Comprehensive Sex education programs which teach abstinence followed by sexual safety is better than abstinence-only programs because it is a realistic and effective approach not to confuse students. Emphasis on abstinence and the use of protection for those who choose to have sex showed convincing evidence of positive influence on teens ' sexual behavior, including delaying initiation of sex and increasing condom and contraceptive use. Research shows teaching abstinence alone has no effect on delaying teens starting sexual activities this would give the recipients the best of both worlds. A balanced sex education program should be taught to help students with decision-making skills to help them through their entire life.

Types of Arguments (Laura) The types of arguments seen in the articles are evaluation and proposal. On both sides of the argument, people claim either abstinence-only programs or comprehensive sex education are good, bad, better, best or indifferent. Some argue that having both programs in one curriculum is best. For example, in the article “Key Questions for Consideration as a New Federal Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative in Implemented” by Heather Boonstra, Boonstra claims, sexual education programs that teach abstinence followed by sexual safety are better than abstinence-only programs because it is a realistic and effective approach that is not confusing to students. One example of arguing for comprehensive sex education is from
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