Sex Education Is More Beneficial Than Abstinence Only Education

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All over the world in classrooms, households, churches and sometimes in every day life sex education is a topic on people’s minds. Whether this topic is taught in detail rather than in avoidance of the action is the debate we need to have. It is almost impossible to go all of our lives without being exposed to some level of education of sexual activity. Sometimes that education is associated with positivity and other times it is comparable to the sin of all sins. Sex education is more beneficial than abstinence only education because those taught to avoid it have no information on how to safely go about it when their urges surface, as well associating fear of sin and holding them to pledges of virginity can harm young adult’s decision…show more content…
She also made it very clear that she does not dispute her actions, but instead fully realizes them and wishes to use them as a learning opportunity for her kids, and adolescents around the world. Anyone who wishes to pass on information to another person, similar to the work that teachers do, will always delve into the information they feel is most important, but what is truly important can be perceived in many different ways. The safety issues that arise with abstinence only education are numerous. Young adults will not know anything about the action itself let alone the precautionary steps that every person should take before engaging in intercourse. It is almost impossible for teens to know the countless risks that threaten them when a condom is not in play. As well they have no idea how permanent a lot of those risks are. In abstinence only education it can only be hoped that they have heard something about sexually transmitted diseases, or pregnancy rates in relation to sexual activity and if they have this almost always would be very surface level information. With this situation being setup young teens, who will no doubt face their sexual urges during a very dynamic time in their bodily development, will then go in blind and act on impulse rather than accompanying their urges with cautious thought. Sex education
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