Sex Education Is Not Be Taught

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People argue that sex education is not being taught the way that it should be these days and besides kids being told not to have sex, they are being told how to have sex without getting diseases. Which in some cases is true, but you never know until you look deeper into how sex education and how it is really being taught in schools around the United States today. After doing research I found two examples of approaches to sex education currently being used in the United States today. The places that I found how sex education is being taught are North Carolina Franklin County Public Schools and Texas Public School District. These two states alone teach the concept of sex education in a very different way. Texas takes an approach at it that everyone wishes every state would look at sex education, and North Carolina takes an approach that everyone thinks all states take in teaching kids about sex. After reading these two article I will take and compare them to some of the experiences that I have had with sex education, tell you which one is more comprehensive, and also get a deeper look into what sex education is like in Texas from one of my fellow classmates. In North Carolina at Franklin County public schools they cut AIDS and STDs out of their health textbooks and put in their sexual education classes and teach that to their 9th graders (Donovan Pg. 1). The state law in North Carolina is to teach abstinence until marriage in their comprehensive health education program for

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