Sex Education Is Not Just About Sex

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“Sex education in not just about sex. It includes other sensitive issues like sexual health, sexual reproduction, sexuality and others that parents often feel uncomfortable talking with their children”(Sex Education in Schools Pros and Cons). Sex education does not start when someone is sexual active, but mostly in Elementry School when the students have no idea what the teacher is saying. However, in today’s world sex is all around from movie posters to magazines. Perhaps teaching children how to protect themselves early is not a poor idea. In addition, too many parents live in denial that their children are not having sex, this leads to children not being educated on safe sex. Sex education in public schools has been an ongoing debate…show more content…
Birth control had been invented, this lead to premarital sex becoming more acceptable in society. This demanded for sex education. In addition, in the 1980s the AIDS epidemic began, causing the risk-prevention aspect of sex education. In fact this epidemic set about the best prevention of teen pregnancy and STD’s, abstinence. “Young people are going to learn about sex and our question has to be where do we want them to learn? From the media? From their friends? Or do we want them to learn from an educated, responsible adult” (Masland)? Besides, having students learn about conception, the anatomy of their body, and STD’s from a responsible adult rather than their peers will be more reliable and have accurate information; also teenage peers usually know the myths about sex not the actual information. Therfore, the extreme detail of sexual transmitted disease can not be learned by a teenage peer because they do not know the accurate information. Finally, having sex education in school would have the students learn about sex, they would know accurate information on conception and sexual transmited diseased including HIV and AID’S.
Furthermore, middle school students are engaging in oral sex, and they belief that it does not count as sex. Not knowing the consequences can have an impact on a person 's life; for example, they can contract a sexual transmited diseas that are not currable, like HIV or AID’S. “3.2 million teenage girls between ages 14 and 19 have one or
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