Sex Education Is The Process Of Teaching Teenagers

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“There is a large gap between what teachers think should be taught and what they teach when it comes to birth control, abortion and sexual orientation.” (Sex Education) There is also a big difference in what teenagers already know and what they need to know. Kaiser reported that two in five students want more factual information on birth control, how to use it and where to get it from, also how to handle the pressure of having sex. Kaiser also reported that a significant percentage of students say that these topics are not covered in their most recent sexuality education course, or that they are not covered in depth. Of the seventh through twelfth graders that were asked, approximately half of them say they need more information about what to do in the event of rape, sexual assault, how to get tested for HIV or STDs, factual information on HIV and STDs and also how to talk with their sexual partner about birth control and STDs. (Sex Education) Sex education in schools is the process of teaching teenagers information about sex and helping them form their own attitude and belief on sex. The purpose of teaching teenagers about sex early is to help them gain control and make wise decisions about their sexual behavior; being stern on the subject gives teens the confidence and competence they need to act on these choices. (Sex Education That Works) High school students want more information about sexual and reproductive health issues than what they are receiving in school. There…
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