Sex Education, Why Should We Care?

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Sex Education, Why Should We Care? It is incredible how the mere knowledge of something that is considered taboo by many can change someone´s life. In his Health Education Research, Professor Lawrence St. Leger states that there seems to be a growing consensus claiming that schools can play an important role teaching the youth make informed decisions and help them shape a healthy lifestyle. That is why high schools are considered as the best environment to implement sex education programs within their syllabus to instruct teenagers not only about abstinence but also about a safer sex practice. Indeed, these types of programs have been included because of the increasing number of sexually-active teenagers, which are a matter of serious concern. Sex education helps teenagers to make better decisions – to either be abstinent or to practice a safer sex – allowing the prevention of unwanted pregnancies or sexually transmitted infections and having a great impact on the health of society. Debates about including sexual health education have taken place among society. Many people mistakenly relate sex instructions with motivating teenagers to have sexual intercourse. On the contrary, sexuality is not only based on the sexual behavior, but on a complete array of other topics, such as abstinence, human reproduction, pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections, and sexual health. In fact, sex education is necessary because sexuality is an essential part of each person´s identity.
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