Sex Education in High School

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Introduction My paper examines the issues relating to sex education programs in high school which has been a controversial subject since its inception. It evaluates how the recent increase in sexual activity among teenagers indicates that the subject should be revisited for further inspection and scrutiny. It shows how opponents of sexual education in schools argue that the subject promotes promiscuity and liberal sexual attitudes in teenage students whereas supporters of sexual education programs believe that they often reduce the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases as well as unwanted pregnancies. It also looks at how these courses often usurp the role of parents in the education of their teenage sons and daughters as well as…show more content…
Opponents argue that issues surrounding sexuality are often closely linked to the values and morals that parents desire to pass onto their children. As such, they contend that the current issues discussed in sexual education courses often violate parental values and infringe on their rights to raise their children (Fleming). Adversaries of sexual education also argue that the only sexual message that should be conveyed in school is abstinence for all teenagers. They argue that abstinence education in public schools will assist in discouraging sexual activity, thus decreasing the numbers of teenage pregnancies and the diagnosis of Sexually Transmitted Diseases among teenagers (Fleming). Rob stein argues that abstinence only programs do work he also believes that sexual education classes promote sexual behavior amongst teens. He said only about a third of sixth- and seventh-graders who completed an abstinence-focused program started having sex within the next two years, researchers found. Nearly half of the students who attended other classes, including ones that combined information about abstinence and contraception, became sexually active (Stein). Supporters of sexual education in schools also possess intelligent and compelling arguments that defend their beliefs. Primarily, they note that sexual education plays an important role among teenagers who
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