Sex Education in Nigeria

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This is the html version of the file Google automatically generates html versions of documents as we crawl the web. Page 1 1AFRICA REGIONAL SEXUALITY RESOURCE CENTRE Understanding Human Sexuality Seminar Series 3Sexuality Education in Nigeria: Evolution, Challenges and Prospects ADUNOLA ADEPOJU (PhD) Department of Arts and Social Sciences Faculty of Education University of Lagos Nigeria Lagos, Nigeria March 24, 2005 © ARSRC 2005 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 2 2Introduction Ancient theories and ideologies about sexuality, circled around the power of dreams, the individual as a sexual being, the power of self cultivation and…show more content…
The interrelationship of biological, psychological and socio-cultural dimensions determines the total personality of an individual. Ikpe (2004) postulated that “Sexuality defines the very essence of one’s humanity including one’s self–image, being male or female, physical looks and reproductive capacity; that is sexuality is a natural part of life. It is about the way we are made, how we feel about ourselves, what roles we play in the society and how we procreate”. Culture as a way of life determines, to a large extent, human behaviour. It is patterned, learned, shared and adaptive and is transmittable from one generation to the other (Basso, 1997). Culture has a way of influencing every thing we do. It can be perpetuated and has the potential to overpower intervention programmes and educational innovations. Religious and spiritual beliefs influence feelings about morality, sexual behaviour, pre-marital sexual behaviour, adultery, divorce, contraception, abortion and masturbation (Greenberg et al 2000). Sexuality education can be seen as yet another religion which is not necessarily different from what already obtains.What is Sexuality Education? Sexuality education has been given
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