Sex, Gender, And Gender

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The meaning of sex and gender is often thought of as the same thing, when in fact it the meanings between these two words are different. Sex is the characteristics that are set apart from male and female. The characteristics include primary sex traits related to the reproductive system such as: hormones, chromosomes, the genitalia, and various other ways. However, the secondary sex traits that are not directly based on the reproductive system. These secondary traits consist of characteristics such as: breasts, facial hair, body structure, and many more. Gender is known as the way people act and feel about masculinity and femininity. Gender is what people use as a way to identify themselves. Gender is what society considers suitable for its males and females.
To begin with, while growing up I was mostly associated with girls, the reason for this was because there was no boys in our family that was around our age. My parents helped shaped my gender role by the toys and other various activities they involved me in. For instance, when I was about three years old my mom enrolled my siblings and I into a ballet dance studio. After being dressed up in an all pink outfit with my hair done in a little bun, I felt like I belonged there. My mom had always dressed my siblings and I in bright and colorful clothing. My siblings and I were allowed to express and interact in different activities despite if they were feminine or masculine. However, as I have grown up and became more aware of…

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