Sex Hormones And Its Effect On Gender

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Introduction. “Gender is complex” (Lippa, A R 1994) there are unlimited influences that affect each and every one of us as we develop as human beings; we are all unique models, shaped not only by our DNA but also by the physical and emotional environment in which we find ourselves including our biological genes, sex hormones and ongoing genetic and hormonal changes can be defined as ‘nature’ and influence physical development and sexual identity while family background, class and belief systems, described as ‘nurture’ affect gender through the encouragement of social norms and familiar gender roles. (Fausto-Sterling, A 2008) Away from the biological, peer group influences, such as school friends and their families also reinforce gender stereotypes while in the wider world mass media, from children 's TV to advertising campaigns, government guidelines on education and community structure and various external influences such as culture and religious beliefs, and according to Fausto-Sterling (2008) “all form the mannerisms of the individual and define ‘gender’” In this paper I aim to use the examples of two well-known products to examine the way in which toy manufactures have impacted on this complex structure and to explore whether or not they exploit traditional stereotypes for better or worse. I will also be looking at reports from psychologists and sociologists to back up the views surrounding gender exploitations and the effects they may have on children. This is an
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