Sex Is A Good Thing Essay

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Many people do not realize the actual benefits that sex provides marriages. Some believe that after the stage of getting married and having kids, most couples don’t have sex anymore. Dr. David wrote this book to educate people on how to have great sex even after being married for 20 years and having almost no biological sex drive left! The book is set up into three sections that help build and understand intimacy and how it correlates with sex in married couples. The first section, The Basics, focused primarily on sex, intimacy, sexual potential, and personal growth. Dr. David explained throughout his chapters how sex is obviously a good thing, as we all know. However, he described how sex is not solely about biological sex drives and orgasms. Some believe sex is natural to us just as it is to other animals, except we focus on having orgasms as well. The difference, as Dr. David explains, we have evolved beyond just having sex to reproduce or because it’s simply natural. We have feelings and want intimacy, which is why it takes us longer to reach sexual maturity. Sex is not just about going in and out and you’re done. Wall-Socket Sex, as he mentions, is about the electric energy, the spark you and your partner create while you’re in a different world together. Orgasms won’t seem like the priority in sex, because the intimacy will have you enjoying yourself rather than worrying about whether you’ll finish or not. Many couples don’t reach this level of intimacy
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