Sex Is A Part Of Our Society

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Sex has always been a part of our society. It has always been, at the most basic root, of a further the procreative measures of the human race. Atleast, that 's what we tell ourselves to justify our participation in a hook-up and one-night-stand culture which has been present for most of the modern age. We are looking for an outlet to vent our sexual desires while not committing to a person. But, can we really blame today 's children and more important, my own generation, for their participationg? We 've grown up in a culture that potrays sex in every form of media, from the dying magazine to TV ads. Furthermore, people are more blantantly than ever to see it out in their daily social interactions and the rise of social media has only helped to further bring public a culture that has always existed. Today, sex is a drug that soothes the desire and a solution to any of our problems. While cash is king, sex has become God himself. We are destined to worship at his feet like hungry dogs. Today, we are completely unaware of what it means to be in a relationship with someone else. Friendship has been twisted and perverted into an institution where you can "talk" to the person you like, skip commitment, and have sex whenever you freely get the urge. Most "serious" relationships completely hinge on how good the other person is in bed and not on the feelings or connections you form with the other person. Even marriages are rushed because the "blowjobs" and "pussy" is just so damn

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