Sex Is A Physical Activity

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The chemistry between the two is gravitating them closer together as their eyes are staring into each other 's souls. The first kiss of the evening starts off passionately from the jump as their hands start to explore each others’ bodies. He pushes her against the wall and slowly starts making a trail of kisses leading down past her belly button. He starts to unbuckle her pants as she pulls on his shirt to take it off. The deep breathing and moaning fills the air as the sexual anticipation increases and they admire each others’ bodies before the real game “sex” begins. But what is sex? The dictionary definition of sex seems to be deficient, suggesting that sex is a physical activity in which people touch each other 's bodies, kiss each…show more content…
Many people think that the word sex only refers to penile and vaginal intercourse. This is a very limited description which excludes lesbian, gays, bi-sexual, and trasnsgender (LGBT) people. The claim of there having to be a presence of an orifice and something to put in that orifice is universal across the board of all possible sexual orientations of people. For example, in homosexual males there are two holes— the anus and mouth— and there is something— a penis— to put inside those holes. In the same way, with two lesibians there are three cavaties— the anus, mouth, and vagina— and something to put inside these cavities —sex toy, finger, or a vagina. This claim also supports those who are performing manual masturbation. For instance, the making of a hole with a hand to jack off or the insertion of a vibrator inside of a vagina. One thing that all forms of sex (outercourse, oral-genital contact, penile-anal contact, and penile-vaginal intercourse) have in common is that they involve ending with pleasure that comes from having an orgasm (Westheimer , 2006). Many people consider intercourse, no orgasm as not having sex because orgasms are thought of as being the main— or at least a common— goal of sex in the first place. I agree with the notion that an orgasm is an essential part of sex, however, I disagree with the fact that sexual actions that fail to end in a orgasm are to be termed as not having sex. Yes, not
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