Sex Is A Primal Need Of Human Physiology

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Some believe that sex is a primal need of human physiology, while others conclude that sex is not something that contributes to the survival of an individual. Catholic nuns and priests, for example, chose to remain celibate from sexual or romantic relations in order to better give themselves to their relationship with God. Being celibate allows nuns and clergy to be free to follow whatever path God and their religious community takes them, whereas having a family would make this more difficult to accomplish. These types of communities chose chastity in pursuance of a stronger bond with God. Unlike the society of the World State in Brave New World, Catholic nuns and priests acknowledge that sex is a distraction to their lifestyle.

Abraham Maslow sides with the belief that sex is a biological need and that one must fulfill this necessity so that they can achieve the next stages of his hierarchy of needs. Maslow created a five stage pyramid consisting of motivational needs from bottom to top being physiological, safety, social, esteem, and self-actualization. He stated that people are driven to reach certain needs and when one of these needs are satisfied, there is an urge to accomplish the next one, resulting in a continuous cycle. The original hierarchy of needs has sex listed as a subcategory under physiological and biological needs along with air, food, drink, shelter, warmth, and sleep. Prolonged time without these other six items could potentially cause the human body…
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