Sex Is A Sensitive Topic Essay

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Sex is a sensitive topic in most culture. Individuals tend to be uncomfortable when asked about sex and gender preference. In traditional African cultures, sex is not often a topic discussed and when it is, it is whispered amongst women or considered a man’s topic of discussion and only for those that are married. It is often taboo in such religiously pious societies to express that you are interested in dating or sex. More taboo are talks of being interested in the same sex. In a constricting society, sex is often used as a weapon to control and demean women through the practice of genital mutilation, or as a right of passage from childhood to adulthood. But how does an individual learn about sex if not discussed? Most learn with experimentation, which is often unprotected and leads to the high HIV rates in Africa as well as teenage pregnancy. With experimentation will come exploration of sexuality as a whole, meaning engaging in homosexual acts, which is punishable by law. This paper will discuss how colonization, missionization and traditions has altered the view of sexual encounters and lead to the creation of homophobic policies, rampant homophobia , sexual violence against women, and miseducation of the youth population. To discuss sex, one must first be educated on it. In the vast majority of Africa, there is no formal class or discussion of sexual health in schools, instead taking an abstinence only approach versus establishing education. Much of the focus of
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