Sex Is A Tricky Subject

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Sex is a tricky subject; our society is still recovering from the nineteenth century “moral panic” where sex was demonized (Rubin 268). We are slowly moving to a more sex positive society, but there is still a lot of negativity attached to sex. People who work in the sex industry face harmful stigmas that cause our society to believe that jobs in the industry are not viable career choices. People in sex work are demonized as whores or drug addicts, thought of as less intelligent, and thought of as victims. These jobs are viable career choices; there are a variety of people who work in the sex industry with a variety of experiences, many of them positive. People who work in the industry, though looked down on, are objects of fantasy. As of 2013, about 70% of men and about 30% of women watch porn (Huffington Post) and “Americans now spend more money at strip clubs than at Broadway, off-Broadway, regional, and non-profit theatres; at the opera, the ballet, and jazz and classical music performances – combined” These strip clubs “are staffed by an estimated 250,000 women working as exotic dancers” (Roach 15). With our simultaneously sex obsessed and sex repulsed society, a person working in the sex industry has many obstacles to overcome. So what are the stigmas associated with sex work? Exotic dancers may be considered one of the “tamer” jobs in the sex industry and “is widely considered a rather impersonal occupation” because there is little contact between dancer and patron.
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