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WIRELESS MINI ROUTER QUICK SETUP GUIDE A. SETUP 1. SATECHI or Wireless-N Plug the Wireless Mini Router into the wall. After approximately one minute, the WLAN light on the Mini Router will turn on — the Mini Router is now broadcasting a wireless network called “SATECHI” or “Wireless-N.” In your computer or other internet-accessible device, go to your wireless settings and connect to the “SATECHI” or “Wireless-N” network. To do this, you may have to disconnect from your current network. If your computer asks for a PIN or to “set up” your network, click “connect without setting up.” 2. User: admin Pass: admin Once connected to “SATECHI” or “Wireless-N” in your internet browser navigate to the address…show more content…
The Mini Router connects to the internet via ethernet cable and converts the wired signal to a wireless signal, broadcasting a wireless network with the SSID of your choosing. Bridge: Bridge mode works like Repeater mode, but will rebroadcast your existing network with a new SSID of your choosing. Client: In this mode, the Mini Router converts a wireless internet connection to a wired connection. If you have a device that has an ethernet port but does not support wireless connections, you can use the Mini Router as a wireless adapter. C. RESET If you wish to change the mode of your Wireless Mini Router or access the Router’s settings page, first you must reset the Router to its factory default. The following steps will guide you through this process. 1. With the Mini Router plugged into an outlet, locate the small “Reset” button on the side of the Router. Using a paper clip or similar small point, press and hold the reset button for approximately three seconds (using long counts: one one thousand, two one thousand...etc). 2. Release the reset button, then immediately press and hold it again until the WPS light on the Mini Router briefly flashes (about eight to ten seconds). 3. Unplug the Mini Router from the outlet, wait five seconds, then plug it back in. Repeat the steps from Section A “Setup” of this guide to access the Wireless Mini Router’s settings page. If you have any other
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