Sex Is Not An Essential Tool For Life

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There are many different views when it comes to sex outside of marriage. Some religious groups are the most against pre-marital sex and believe it is a selfish act that involves using another person to satisfy our sexual desires which some seem to think it is a rather unloving act. Catholics seem to think that sex is never about the other person therefore it becomes selfish, if it was about the other person we would not be putting their health in devastating risks, such as diseases, pregnancy, and emotional rides. “In 1972, thirty-nine percent of adult Catholics responded that premarital sex was “always wrong.” Among Catholics attending Mass at least once a week, fifty-four percent responded as such in 1972. In the most recent survey,…show more content…
The earlier statement is put with the thought that the couple will surely wed, thus there is no sin for engaging in marital relations now; although, pre-marital sex commitment shows impatience and disrespect for oneself, as well as to their partner. The special essence of the relationship is removed from its proper context, which will deteriorate the idea that there is any context at all. If such behavior is acknowledged as acceptable it will not be long before extra-marital sex is adequate. Letting your mate know that they are worth the time will strengthen the relationship as well as increase the commitment level. Casual sex is out of hand in most societies. There is no such thing as “casual” sex because there is so much depth of intimacy involved in the sexual relationship. The example analogy used by ‘got questions?’ gives a good understanding about what is going on; “If we take a sticky note and attach it to a piece of paper, it will adhere. If we remove it, it will leave behind a small amount of residue; the longer it remains, the more residue is left. If we take that note and stick it to several places repeatedly, it will leave residue everywhere we stick it, and it will eventually lose its ability
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