Sex Is Not Only Important For The Existence Of Humanity

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As women and men it is not only important for the existence of humanity, but also to fulfill an innate human desire for everyone to be able to express themselves sexually. Although sex can be something that men and women desire, and at times yearn for it is important to remember that sex is not just a physical act, it is something that comes with emotions and responsibility. Fundamentally it is important to understand how sex works and the anatomy of yourself and the opposite sex, the consequences of having unprotected sex, what and how to use contraceptives and finally understanding yourself and your sexual preferences. Before engaging in any sexual act it is important to understand the anatomy of the opposite sex and to understand why…show more content…
During sexual intercourse or sexual activity, a substance known as semen, which is comprised of salt, water and other bodily fluids aid the sperm for its travel through a woman’s vagina, to her uterus to then attach to an egg. This is the process called conception that allows for the growth of a baby within her womb. Much like men, women have external and internal sex organs. However, unlike men women are able to get pregnant and give birth to children due to the composition of their internal sex organs. The external sex organs of women are refereed to as the vulva. The components of the vulva include the mons venerus which is a lump above a woman’s pelvic bone mostly comprised of fat, labia majora which are lips made up of fat that cover or protect the vulva, labia manora which are smaller lips inward from the labia major, and the clitoris which is the external structure that is responsible for female orgasm. Female internal structures include the vagina which is a canal like structure that is made up of muscle. The vagina is the part of the body where a penis is inserted during vaginal intercourse. It connects to the cervix which is the bottom portion of the uterus that sticks out into the vagina. A small narrow opening at the base of the cervix is where sperm enters once semen has been ejaculated into the vagina. The cervix leads
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