Sex, Love And Autonomy And The Teenage Sleepover By Amy T. Schalet

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Gender For those of us that are parents, we know that raising a child to adulthood is not an easy task but one which we do lovingly (hopefully) and responsibly. I’ll go out on a limb to say here that everyone agrees that the teenage years are the most challenging. The general consensus is that teenagers are unruly, aggressive, careless, spoiled and dependent on technology. On the other hand, I believe along with a small group of other parents that teenagers are also brilliant and in the process of becoming and reaching their potential and that they deserve much more respect than what they are given. In Reading #20 “Sex, Love and Autonomy in the Teenage Sleepover” authored by Amy T. Schalet, the question is asked whether you, as a parent, would allow your teen to have a sleepover with their boyfriend or girlfriend, and how does gender fall into the equation. In the article, Schalet informs us about teens and their sexual behaviors through various statistics and graphs. In her findings she compares The United States with The Netherlands and how these different cultures view this topic. While the majority of American parents oppose a sleepover, Dutch teenagers who have steady relationships are allowed to spend the night with their boyfriends or girlfriends in their rooms. It would seem that parents and kids, according to Schalet, experience sex, gender and relationships very differently in the two countries. Several sociologists and psychologists who have studied

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