Sex Offenders

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Introduction Treatment providers recognized that sex offenders evidenced had a high prevalence of cognitive distortions, or thought processes that allowed the offenders to neutralize their feelings of guilt and shame (Abel, 1989). No matter what setting that cognitive therapy is used in, its purpose is to focus on the way an individual thinks and to change any type of “thinking errors”. For our purposes, cognitive treatment is used in the correctional and community setting to help offenders think rationally and responsibly before they act. Sexual offending can vary along a broad spectrum of behaviors, from non-contact offences such as exhibitionism to contact offenses such as rape. Much of the research on the nature of sexual offending…show more content…
Participants Participants will include all male child molesters or sex offenders held in the Duval County Jail in Jacksonville, FL. Participants will have to be male, 18 years of age or older, and method of offending along with the nature of victim selection is adequately defined as belonging to one of the following categories: child molesters, female victims: men who molested at most two female children in a situational context and child molesters, male victims: men who molested at most one male child. Dependent Measure Participants will answer the Clarke Sex History Questionnaire for Males-Revised to measure if the treatment worked. Questionnaire consists of 508-item self-report used to check a wide array of usual and abnormal sexual behaviors in an adult male population. Questionnaire can be located by Langevin, Ron; Paitch, Dan. 1999-2002. Yearbook: 16. Experimental Groups The group of child molesters will be randomly assigned to different groups. Therapy group members will receive cognitive treatment in a group setting, three days a week for a full hour for six months. Group members will also receive individual therapy on a weekly basis for hour sessions for six months. Therapy, group setting and individual setting, will focus on understanding their offending, improving empathy with the victim, managing negative moods,

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