Sex Offenders Should Be Legal Essay

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America has long supported offering people second chances. Sex offenders should be included in that statement. Even people who commit the worst of crimes deserve this chance, but sex offender laws inhibit them from having this second chance. Presently, the laws enacted against sex offenders are unfair and ineffective. Even though most offenders are released into the community after serving jail, finding and maintain a suitable job is almost impossible with the current sex offender laws. Most companies and employers see this stigma that follows these sex offenders and are hesitant to hire them.
Throughout history our views on sex offenders has changed significantly. Society’s views have become more recently cruel on sex offenders. The treatment of sex offenders has been emphasized in the recent changed in how certain sex offenses are being treated. Disagreements about the efficacy of various types of treatment and laws about where they live and can be employed are up for debate. Because they treat sex offenders unfairly with employment opportunities and living situations, promote unneeded allocation of money, and cause recidivism in some instances, sex offender laws do much more harm than good. However, as the media perception of sex offenders overshadows these issues, the stigma around sex offenders continues to create a barrier in talking about the real side effects of the laws.
Current System: Establishing penalties for sex offenders has had a long history…

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