Sex, Religion, And Gender

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In today society, we all have different opinions on sex, religion, and gender. And sometimes our values are more powerful than our opinions; as the world becomes more open about sexual orientation and desires. Those values that we protect and live by can get through out of the window or they can become more susceptible. To intrigue my curiosity, I asked five different subjects a set of five questions. And all subjects are different ages, gender, and relationship status. The five questions are “What do you look for in a partner,” “Do you believe in premarital sex,” “What is your opinion on cheating,” “What is your opinion on transgender people,” and “Do you know what Coitus Interruptus is ?” Many of us have different ideas of the perfect partner. Some people want their partner to be smart, classy, and kind. While others are more concern about what they look like and how much money do they have? And I have met people who are just looking for a sexual relationship. Subject one is a twenty-four year single female; her ideal partner is tall, good-looking, good hygiene, a nice set of teeth, and he has to have a good job. Subject one just describes the perfect male model. Although, looks are important; I think that there is more to a man than looks. What happen to kind, smart, honesty? I guess in my generation; we are more concern about the outside features and not the inside feature. Subject two is a sixty year old married female; her ideal partner is a family man, nice,
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