Sex Scene On Film History

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“Real SEX” step in beyond or correcting a mistake?
The story of Unstimulated sexual scene on film history

Javaad Tare
L4 Film production
History and Culture
2500 word
January 2017

Those are probably the questions or wonderings that surrounds almost ever teen 's day life, and also at least 90% people outside the Movie Business and Industry who just watch Movies.(not pornography) So How are sex scenes in movies shot? As an actor/actress, how is the experience?
When the sexual scene added to the films?
What the propose of using adult nature on films?
Those question and the ideology so-called unsimulated sex scene tickled my curiosity to having a look on using sexual intercourse in films in terms of making a cinema as
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Do you think depictions of sex and nudity are important in cinematic storytelling? How have depictions of sex and nudity changed the way we make films? that would be the question I will chasing for find out in this essay.

Sexual scene in cinema history

In the first day of cinema just after the film-making stated to developing as an industry, moralists faced with to the amount of nudity, sexuality portrayed in movies in contradiction of Censorship dominated the authority to help conservative community, once moving pictures became widespread and available to big amount of viewers.
In very first day of cinema on Edison studio, lip-on-lip action “The Kiss (1896)” may was a first sex scene of a kind. How times have changed! What led the director and to broke barriers, challenged the ratings, and consequence them to further developments. I will have look on some of milestones in the depiction of sex on the big screen.

Figure 1 The Kiss(1896)

Ecstasy (1933): in The first non-pornographic movie to show the sex act Gustav Machaty’s tells a romantic drama about a really young (19-year-old Hedy Lamarr) and her impotent, wealthy elderly husband, and finds love and lust in the arms of a virile engineer. Censored for a nude bathing swim, a naked forest romp, and a love scene that depicts the
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