Sex Should Not Sell

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Sex should not sell Do not ever underestimate the persuasive influential power, of gorgeous women with more cleavage, or the power of a gentleman with a muscular body, to increase the consumer’s consumption. Tom Reichert in his book “The Erotic History of Advertising” emphasizes the idea that sometimes this frequent use of the sex sells technique increases some consumer interest and builds a strong brand identity (Reichert). In fact, Sex was used to advertisements since the 1900’s when the tobacco companies used some erotic images on their cigarettes’ boxes (o’bar). If there is more effective way to increase the consumer purchasing power and make a higher brand recall, in an appropriate way, such as humorous ads; why do marketers…show more content…
This will definitely have a negative effect not only on children’s attitudes but also on their sexual life in the future. As doctor Carolyn C.Ross emphasizes in her article “The Effects of Early Exposure to Sexual Content”, when children are exposed to this sexualized content at early age, even if they do not understand what they see, they have “a lasting” negative impression. When advertisers add those sexual insinuations they give the children an impression of Azouz 3 “Freedom with sex” as Daniel cloud described. The use of sex may lead in the future to sexual addiction by having early sexual relations and a higher number than the normal of sex partners. Also it may contribute in making their sexual life more violent (Ross). Women are highly affected by the sex ads as it degrades them and decreases their self-esteem. Women are portrayed in the sex ads as “sex object” a good example is “sorry coke and Pepsi campaign” That showed Scarlett Johansson taking off her scientist robe while promoting for the product to make it “viral”(Ettus). Many marketers see now that the more nude women are shown the more they sell as Bibi Onaizah Peerbux. People are more likely to think that women are only a piece of meat or a sexual body to attract an audience’s
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