Sex Therapy Is The Appropriate Treatment For Sexual Dysfunction

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Today sex therapy is known to have been founded by Masters and Johnson (1970), whos published report on a "new" therapeutic approach to sexual problems, revolutionized what health professionals saw as the appropriate treatment for sexual dysfunction. In contrast to psychoanalytical approaches, the new sex therapy was relatively brief, problem focused, direct and behavioral with regard to technique. Ultimately, the large majority of sexual difficulties were seen as arising from a sexually restrictive or religiously orthodox upbringing.

This resulted in decreased communication with sexual partners, a lack of information about normal sexual functioning and subsequent anxiety and preoccupation over performance during sexual interactions. Theirs was a learning model of sexual functioning and the objectives of treatment consisted of effectively achieving alleviation of performance anxiety and re-educating clients regarding sexuality.

In 1974 Helen Kaplan used Masters and Johnson 's new therapy and elaborated her version with a direct approach to symptom treatment that worked. Nonetheless, many clients resisted the new behavioral techniques and the therapist relied on other methods of theory and interpersonal roles of sexual dysfunction. In other words, clients with serious underlying causes did not respond well to direct intervention.

Masters and Johnson (1970), sex therapy included short-term but intensive work with the couple. The work detailed information about human anatomy
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