Sex Tourism Essay

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TO5101: Tourism systems analysis

Sai kumar Nalla
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Executive summary: In the recent years Sex tourism is the most attracting and increasing sector in terms of tourism studies. There are increased research, paper work, books, articles and several magazines released in the market related to sex tourism. Today there are many forces at work in the normalization of the international sex industry (Jeffeys, 1997).

As sex industry has immensely became most profitable. It almost exists in all the developing countries in one or the other form where only “sex” is been significant. As the trends towards the sex and sex tourists have been developed internationally. In
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The values and customs which are derived from our ancestors are now no longer penetrating issues in our socialized life. Due to globalization these values and customs are largely derived from books, televisions, radios, internets and newspapers.

The advance means of technology plays a key role where communication have given rise to new variables and norms which are a product and determined by the new means of cultural globalization. For example, internet marriages, mobile chatting, commercial complexes which provides the opportunity for both the sexes to meet. As lot of dating are taken place in the coffee shops, internet cafes and modern commercial malls. Moreover in the recent trends tourism trips and travels have opened the new door for sex tourism who like travelling around the world especially in search of sexual exploitation which is also leading to the mixed or external marriages concluded by both male and female tourists.

Sex tourism is a significant form of economic activity as it is one of the most profitable sectors among the globe which is making their bodies to move around the world like for business, war or pleasure. In search of exotic pleasures the cross border tourism nations cross into less developed countries which have made tourism and migration increase opportunities for sex workers. The second force which is affecting sex tourism is the world wide economic systems which
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