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Sex Tourism Introduction Sex Tourism is increasingly spread from one country to the next, especially in developing countries, because the Tourism is one of the big parts revenue for many countries in the word today. This kind of industry has become well-known to the travelers based not by advertising and promotional campaigns, but word-of-mouth that boots-up the demand for tourism destinations. The Sex Tourism becomes the major issue that the world leaders have to step-in in order to prevent its global spread. The goal of this research paper is to find out the impact of Sex Tourism on the economy and travelers to those countries. Also it observes the potential of Sex Tourism organizations. What is Sex Tourism? According to…show more content…
Therefore they have to sell their body for having sex with other people in order to support their family for living. For instance, Andrews writes in the journal that "UNICEF has estimated that there are more than one million child prostitute in Asia alone." (Andrews, Vol. 94, journal). Also, he states: "While child commercial sexual exploitation has customarily been associated with Asian countries such as Thailand, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Taiwan, it has become a significant social problem in Africa and Latin America, and the trafficking of youth into the sex industry is on the rise in Eastern Europe." (Andrews, Vol. 94, journal). Every years for many visitors traveling from wealthy nations like the US, Japan, Germany, France and others to developing countries to pay for having sex with prostitutes or with someone that they are introduced to as part of their travel experience. Impact on Economic According to the journal, Andrews points out that "because poor countries are often under economic pressure to develop tourism, those governments often turn a blind eye toward this devastating problem [of commercial sexual exploitation of children] because of the income it produces." (Andrews, Vol. 94, Journal). The commercial sexual exploitation of

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