Sex Tourism : The Issues That Emerge From A Sex Worker ( Prostitute ) And Tourist

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Sex tourism examines the issues that emerge from a sex worker (prostitute) and tourist (farang/customer) interactions. Sex Tourism is progressively spreading and it is now a worldwide subject matter that every country can relate to some way or the other. Sex tourism it has been around for decades and it has grown more widespread. This industry is very well understood by the tourist. It is not formally publicized; it is rather through informal exchanges, word of mouth and internet, that the farang gets to know who to see and where to go. In Thailand sex tourism is a main source of income for many rural families. These families are poor and the fact that the state of the economy of the country is bad it makes the situation worse. In this analytical essay, I will argue the cause and origin of prostitution as a result of the Current economic status in Thailand. Sex tourism, for the vast majority, conjures up an image of red light districts in places like Amsterdam and Patpong Bangkok. However, the historical backdrop of sex tourism dates back to the time of the industrial revolution era (1820s-1840s). During the Vietnam war, a large number of U.S soldiers were involved in the boom of the brothels industry and organized prostitutions. According to class lectures, the U.S government allowed the soldiers to go to Thailand for “Rest and Recreation” (R&R). (holiday sex 6). Prostitution was already in practice before the war, however, its because of the vast majority of soldiers

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