Sex Trafficking : A Common Issue For A Long Time

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Sex trafficking can happen everywhere. People do not even realize when it is happening. Someone could be living their life, just as they normally do, and decided to go to the mall. Sometimes they may not even know that a little kid is going to be kidnapped, and later raped. This is what sex trafficking is. Sex trafficking is commonly defined as when violence, drugs, lies, or any other form of coercion is used to force another person to have sex against their will. (Sex Trafficking in the U.S, 1) Sex trafficking is becoming a bigger issue more and more each day. As a society, sex trafficking needs to be known about by everyone so we could prevent, and eventually stop sex trafficking. Sex trafficking has been a common issue for a long time. The first time sex trafficking became an issue was in the 1700’s. At this time sex trafficking was often known as ‘white slavery.’ White Slavery was defined as when a woman or a girl would have been captured by force, drugs, or dishonesty, and would be used for sex which is unwanted by the girl. Sex trafficking really has not changed since then. Another event that made sex trafficking more popular was the slave trade. Some slaves would come from Africa to the United States and be used for sex. The slaves would not know that they would be used for sex, meaning that it is forced open them. There have been many attempts to prevent sex trafficking in the pass. The first attempt, was made by Great Britain. Great Britain made the
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