Sex Trafficking And The Legalization Of Prostitution

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Sex workers, also known as prostitutes, have been victimized domestically and transnationally due to decriminalization of prostitution where those who deciding to engage in prostitution or sex work are unable to be protected, defend themselves, and are victimized. Sex trafficking occurs in victims who are transported and exploited by traffickers who seek to make profit through forced and coerced sex work. Prostitution and sex trafficking are both sexual violent acts that have been used against victims in different but similar methods. The purpose of this essay is to differentiate sex work between sex trafficking and encourage the decriminalization of prostitution. This research paper argues that the decriminalizing of prostitution improves…show more content…
In Bingham (1998) analysis of the U.S. historical background, women were in need of employment, but they were only limited to a scarce amount of competitive positions as “laundresses, waitresses, theater girls, milliners, dressmakers, and actresses” (p. 72). Initially, prostitution was not regulated In the United States. Bingham (1998) indicates that in 1870, the first laws regulating prostitution required sex workers to be licenses and receive weekly inspection for venereal disease for a health certificate. According to Bingham (1998), the issues of crime and sanitation that arose were resolved as, but the only problem was critics who opposed prostitution only due to moral traditional views. It seem that prostitution was a growing issue that was leading to sex trafficking when the Mann Act was passed in 1910 prohibiting the transportation of women from one state to another for purposes of sex work (Bingham, 1998). Due to the lack of enforcement they were unable to control the rise of brothels and sex workers, it was concern of morality that eventually pushed for laws that prohibit and discourage prostitution states Bingham. Eventually, the Supreme Court decision of Hoke v. United States determined states individual jurisdiction to self-regulate the ruling on it (Capaul, 2013. By 1971, prostitution became completely illegal in the United States except for Nevada (Drexler, 1996). Prostitution vs sex trafficking
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