Sex Trafficking Is A Serious Problem

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A topic usually pushed into the dark, sex trafficking is a serious problem within our district that often goes unnoticed and ignored. Lurking underneath the mask of common businesses or seemingly normal neighbors, sex trafficking is prevalent not only throughout the world, but in our very own communities. Just months ago in May, Galveston County residents were shocked to hear that four Galveston men were charged with federal charges for their alleged involvement for conspiring to recruit, entice, and harbor minors for sex trafficking. (KHOU, 2015). These men had allegedly transported underage girls to various hotels throughout Galveston County, forcing them to have sex with men and then keeping all of the profits. This situation is unfortunately a recurring theme happening throughout the U.S., with our citizens oblivious to the horrors that are occurring just down the street in modern suburbia. Victims of sex trafficking are often subject to horrendous treatment from not only clients, but by their traffickers as well. The issue however is that sex trafficking is often right in front of our eyes, yet we continue to punish victims rather that punishing those who are the true problem to society. What many Texans, as well as Americans, fail to understand is that prostitutes in our community are ever rarely working independently, and are often victims of sex trafficking. It is time that our district takes a step to punish those who exploit these victims for their own selfish
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