Sex Trafficking Laws

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Question-View the State Report Cards for Sex Trafficking Laws in the United States. Find your state, and summarize the most recent report card.
Response- Illinois report card for human trafficking they received a score of 87 which is a B which is a solid good score. They were graded on six different areas, which were Criminalization of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking, Criminal Provisions Addressing Demand, Criminal Provisions for Traffickers, Protective Provisions for the Child Victims, Criminal Provisions for Facilitators, Criminal Justice Tools for Investigation and Prosecution.
Criminalization of Illinois’s human trafficking laws include solicitation of a sexual act, promoting juvenile prostitution, patronizing a minor engaged in prostitution,
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They do allow the use of audiotyping to gather evidence to being able to prosecute the sex traffickers. Illinois has established a reporting of missing and located children system. There’s more that needs to be done to give the officers and officials the amount of resources available to be able to locate the missing children and arrest the traffickers. The facilitators of the trafficking that are convicted are punished up 4-15 years in prison and 25,000 and may be convicted of promoting for sexual acts against minors. There are no laws in Illinois that make sex tourism a crime. I think we need to the absolute most to make sure we catch these people and make sure that spend most of life in prison cause of the humane and torture that they bring to these adults and children to perform such demeaning act.
Question- Identify one area of need, and describe how you would address this need in a community setting. Be as specific as
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I would have the State Police create a division just human trafficking. That way there is one group devoting there time just too human and sex trafficking. By giving the officers and officials all the resources available they can be able to track down and stop the sex and human trafficking. We need to mandate every officer and official to have some kind training dealing and noticing human and sex trafficking. I think we do a good job with audiotyping but I think we need to branch out and get the ability to have videotaping ability has well to established stings also to have people to go undercover if possible. The biggest thing we can do is to give all the officers all the resources to available to find the missing children and to create a division to devote their time just for human and sex
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