Sex Trafficking Of Women And Children

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Whilst numerous reports suggest a decline in sex trafficking of women and children in Cambodia, Cambodia still remains one of the largest destinations of sex tourism. Many methods have been implemented on both a national and community level in order to combat this criminal activity across the country; however none have been sufficient enough to entirely eradicate sex trafficking of persons in Cambodia. Thus a number of recommendations to combat these human rights violations have been listed, as follows:
Recommendation 1 – Harsher law enforcement and prosecution
1.1 - Government authorities should effectively implement stronger and more effective anti-trafficking legislation and policies that have been instituted in recent years. Cambodian government may need to exercise a legitimate law enforcement response to the crime of child sex trafficking. In addition, there is a need to pass harsher penalties to prosecute offenders including the parents of these children for the act of trafficking innocent children.
1.2 - The Cambodian government should play a large role in the actual implementation and enforcement of the rule of law in prosecuting the traffickers.
1.3 - The Cambodian government should also adopt legislative and other measures to protect informants and witnesses of child sex trafficking from being harassed (e.g. by exploiters), protection of their identities to enable, citizens to report such instances without fear of consequent reprisals (Michelle, 2013, p.230).…
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